Are you Struggling with trading?




I know it. It is because you are just following the news to trade (or only following the recommendation from business news channel who tells you what to buy) .

You might be buying stocks because your friend told you to buy the particular stock. You might be following big trades of Warren Buffett,  Cathie Wood or any other person, who handles big institution. However by the time you receive the information from big institution, it is already too late, because they would have opened or closed their trades long ago and you are receiving its information after many days.

Another reason could be you are listening to people online on different forums like reddit, especially Wall Street Bets which is popular nowadays. You might have been lucky few times to earn profit like that, but in long run you will end up having more loosing trades. It is one thing to check out which stocks are trending, and another to know if what people are saying "it will go to moon" has really a chance to go up soon.

The point is you need to know by yourself when is the right time to buy and sell instead of being dependent on other people. That is the reason we have created fast track trading bootcamp course for 4 weeks which will teach you everything you need.

You Need to know how to get profit in both ways when market is bullish (Going up) and when it is Bearish (Going down)

When you are new to trading, you will only know one way to get profit. Buy the stock when you hear everyone is talking about it and sell it with loss when you panic about the stock going down. There might be some newbies who will be able to sell it with profit too. However, in long run, all the profits that you made will go down little by little and you will be frustrated that whenever you buy something, it keeps on going down. After many times facing this situation you will withdraw the amount which is left in your account and promise yourself never to look back again in this market. 

After few years you will do the same steps as above and again will withdraw all that is left over. Do you know how many people succeed in trading? About 10% only and all those 90% of people pay to 10% of people. You need to step up your game to move into those 10%, who gains consistently. This doesn't mean that they don't lose money ever, but their winning trades far exceeds their loosing trades.

Let's break this trend by learning strategies we teach to tackle the market. We will not only teach how to succeed in bullish market but also in bearish market. Many newbies don't know that you can also succeed in bearish market by doing short sell, basically you can borrow the stocks that you don't own when stock is at its high peak and return it to your broker when market goes down to its low peak, the difference is the profit for you. Many of the big institutions do this to generate big profits for them and keep a balance in the market.

We told you how to succeed in bearish market now, but this is really hard concept to apply in real trading. The loss against short can be massive, which you won't be able to return it all your life, if you do a mistake in here. This is the reason you need to learn all the important theories and concepts of trading, so whether market is bullish or bearish, you gain consistently and move into 10%, who gains consistently.



- They will message you to ask you to join them with low cost signals.

- Promising accuracy of 80–90%. This is unbelievably disrespectful to people. The top hedge funds and PhD money managers can’t obtain this accuracy, but no these scammers can and are willing to offer this holy grail to you for $9.99/month, that seems legit.

- Displaying screen captures of MetaTrader 4 results. These are easily manipulated and anyone can create 10 demo accounts and take random trades, then take screenshots of the ones with best results only to show them as real “client” results.

- Displaying a picture of a lamborghini or a mercedes in an desperate attempt to psychologically make you believe that you’ll be rich by following them.

- Not having any track record that you can verify. And by track record, I mean, timely signals that you can verify and see the evolution, not an excel file where they can easily put anything they want.

You’re better off doing your own research. Learn How to create a buying and selling signal all by yourself as well as where to search for free trading signals, so you don't need to pay anything extra for other resources in your lifetime.